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Introduction of Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park

1. Overview of the project

Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park (BNBNP) is one of the largest protection areas in Vietnam, which has an area of 66.067,47 ha. In past surveys, existence of 1,933 species of flora and 398 species of fauna was identified.

The rich and valuable biodiversity of BNBNP has been facing challenges. One of reasons of such threat is pressure on forest resources from local people living around the park who are struck by poverty. Most of local people are ethnic minorities who make a living from traditional agriculture. However, the availability of lands for agriculture is limited since the land local people can use is mostly covered by the forest. Furthermore, their agricultural productivity is low.

As a result, the biodiversity of BNBNP is under threat due to the increasing conversion of forest land into agricultural land.

In response to the above problem, it is important to improve livelihood of local people and to establish the sustainable forest management system with the participation of the local people.

JICA aims at conservation of biodiversity of BNBNP through establishment of collaborative management model by introduction of Ecologically Friendly-Livelihood Options (EFLO) and Community Based Eco-Tourism (CBET). EFLO would improve livelihood of local people by increasing agricultural productivity in ecologically friendly manner and by introducing alternative livelihood options. Introduction of CBET aims to establish an ecotourism model in which local people play a central part. In this way, JICA is working to address conservation of biodiversity of BNBNP.

2. Our mission

The project aims to achieve sustainable and harmonious co-existence of the BNBNP and local community, and work for the improvement of the livelihood of local people by introducing Ecologically Friendly Livelihood Options (EFLO) and Community-based ecotourism (CBET). For more details, please refer to the activity

3. Organizational Structure

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