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Outline of the Project
Ecologically-Friendly Livelihood Options (EFLO)

The baseline survey showed that the higher the poverty rate of the households, dependence of forest resources increased. For the conservation of forests and rich flora and fauna of the National Park, it is essential to improve the livelihood of local communities.

Therefore, in cooperation with Working Group members and every stakeholder, this project is preparing to develop and introduce Ecologically-Friendly Livelihood Options (e.g. improving agricultural productivity with consideration of conserving natural environment, developing handicrafts) which suit the needs of local communities.

Community-Based Ecotourism (CBET)

Due to its cool temperature and temperate climate, Dalat has been known as a summer resort during the French colonial period, and hosts both domestic and foreign mass-tourists. In addition, outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking and canyoning in its surroundings such as Lang Biang Mountain are popular. However, ecotourism has still in its infancy, and forms of tourism that are friendly to the natural environment or led by local communities are underdeveloped.

This project aims to realize community-based ecotourism which provides services such as home-stays and local guides (interpreters), through capacity building of National Park’s staff members and their collaboration with the local communities, thus bringing better livelihood to local people and better conservation of the National Park.


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