To conserve forest ecosystems in sub-tropical mountainous climate, valuable, rare and endemic animal and plant species; to be affiliated with the adjacent national parks and protected areas to form a large nature area for  biodiversity conservation in Dalat Plateau, in Highland Southern region  and in Central Southern region of  Vietnam.

To contribute to the watershed protection  for the Dong Nai river network and downstream reservoirs to support socio-economic activities of Lam Dong province, Southern region of Western Highlands, Southeastern region , and Central southern coastal provinces  of  Vietnam.

To conserve the habitats of primeval forests for restoring and developing urban architecture of Dalat City; to conserve the original indigenous cultural features  of Dalat city; to serve scientific researches and education on tropical forests; to develop ecotourism and to consolidate national security and defense of Lam Dong Province and the  Highland region.

The nine operational programmes of BNBNP that was  approved by the Prime Minister are as follows:

• Protection of forest resources and biodiversity conservation; 
• Forest ecological rehabilitation of forests; 
• Forest fire fighting and prevention
• Scientific researches; 
• Development of eco-tourism; 
• Education on  environmental protection and natural conservation; 
• Support for socio-economic development of the buffer zone; 
• Construction of infrastructure, training and development of human resource, and supply of technical equipment; 
• International cooperation .